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Central Iowa Water Association is a private, nonprofit corporation established in 1977 to provide water to rural residents, small communities, developments, recreational facilities, and rural-based businesses throughout central and northeast Iowa. In 2000, we added wastewater collection and treatment services in designated locations.

Our Commitment

Our goal is to provide our member-customers with a safe, softened, high quality, and dependable supply of water. We are committed to ensuring the quality and dependability of the water we provide our customers.


Each year, CIWA provides more than 1 billion gallons of high quality softened water to our member-customers. CIWA's service territory includes all or portions of 17 counties in central and northeast Iowa. CIWA serves 70 small communities through three different types of connections:  community franchise, bulk connection, and emergency or supplemental connections. Grundy Center, CIWA's largest community customer, is served with a bulk water connection.


CIWA facilitates wastewater services for unsewered small rural communities and densely populated rural areas where individual septic systems pose environmental concerns. CIWA's wastewater services assist those in need of alternative wastewater disposal options.

CIWA Membership and Directors

Central Iowa Water Association is member-owned with more than 12,500 individual, small business, and community connections. A nine-member Board of Directors, representing geographical regions throughout the system, governs the private, nonprofit, member-owned Association.

board members  
Ron Dunsbergen, President Sully
Dan Brandt,Vice PresidentMarshalltown
Delwin Van Zante, Secretary Otley
Janice Jontz,Treasurer Newton
Gordon Enyart Prairie City
Virtus Brockman Melbourne
Don Struthers Collins
Jim Lynch Grundy Center
Gene Wiemers Melbourne

Our Service Area

Central Iowa Water Service Area

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CIWA's headquarters is located in Newton. The Association has also established a branch office in Grundy Center.

Counties Served
Wastewater Services
Bulk Purchase Meters
Emergency Connections
Individual Customer Meters

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Central Iowa Water Association was founded in 1977 as the Jasper County Water Association. The founders of the Association believed that establishing a means of providing a safe, dependable source of potable water to rural residents would be essential for the continued vitality of Iowa's rural population. Jasper County Water Association founders began their efforts to sign-up rural water member-customers in 1978.

Recruitment efforts developed a strong base of member-customers for the Jasper County Water Association. The original system, with headquarters in Newton, was defined by boundaries of Jasper County, extending into a small portion of Polk, Marion, and Marshall Counties. The original 950 miles of pipe, with some 2,000 member-customers, took nearly two years to install and bring into full service. This original area now represents only 25 percent of the current distribution system.

CIWA purchases its treated, softened supply of water from Newton, Marshalltown,and Pella waterworks. Water is pumped by large booster stations to the 19 water towers strategically located throughout the system, two of which are 2 million gallon hydropillars. Gravitational flow, as well as additional pumping stations enable the system to provide water service to a growing member-customer base.


Rural water at your tap provides you with a clean, safe dependable supply of water every day. Just 4 cents will buy you approximately five gallons of water from Central Iowa Water Association!  

Many private well systems cost significantly more than rural water service when customers evaluate their total operational expenses:

  • depreciation
  • interest costs
  • maintenance
  • electricity
  • water softener
  • salt
  • in-home treatment
  • water tests

The following information will assist you in understanding of the actual expense in operating your well system.

A new well in Iowa typically costs approximately $5,500 to $9,500. This may or may not include your water well pump ($750 - $950), pressure tank ($150 - $550) and water softener ($550 - $950). Once installed, the system is depreciating, or reaching the end of its useful life, at the rate of approximately $52.00 per month. Add the cost of operation, maintenance, electricity, salt for the softener, in-home conditioning, water testing, and interest on the total investment, and the total cost can easily reach more than $100.00 per month.

Typical Well System (Example Only)
Installed Cost Useful Life Monthly Depreciation
Well $7,500 40 years $15.00
Well Pump $850 5 years $14.00
Pressure Tank $350 10 years $  3.00
Water Softener $750 3 years $20.00
$9,450 $52.00 per month




$  8.00 per month

Salt $10.00 per month
Interest* on total installed cost ($9,450 at 5 percent) - $39.00 per month

(*Note: Regardless if you borrowed the money from a lending institution and are paying interest or paid cash and no longer are collecting interest on the money paid, you still have an interest cost.)

$109.00 per month

Central Iowa Water Association - Rural Water Connection Saves You Money

The average Central Iowa Water Association member uses 5,000 to 6,000 gallons of safe, treated, and softened water each month at a cost of ONLY $45.00 to $60.00 per month. Depreciation and interest costs are included!

Since Central Iowa Water Association's USDA Rural Development loan and reserve requirements are almost one-half of our annual expenses, your NONPROFIT Association offers a stable rate structure. The major portion of your water bill each month will be FIXED!

Affordable Quality Water from CIWA

Central Iowa Water Association customers are able to enjoy quality softened water for just 4¢ per five gallons.
Compare water from Central Iowa Water Association with other commonly used products and you will see our value!

Product Cost per five gallons
CIWA Water
Bottled Iced Tea (16 0z. size)
Sports Drinks (20 oz. size)
Premium Bottled Water (9 oz. size)


CIWA Historical Timeline

Year Accomplishments
2009 Completed contruction on the 3 million gallon per day CIWA Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant and brought it on-line
2009 Added Park Hills (Marion County) to CIWA’s water distribution system
2009 Completed the Dows interchange water/wastewater project
2009 Completed the Bremer/Black Hawk water project
2008 Completed construction of the Dundee/Greeley Rural Water project
2007 Bremer/Black Hawk/Buchanan distribution main, Oakland Acres wastewater system, City of Aurora water
2006 Bremer/Black Hawk/Buchanan transmission main, Morrison wastewater system
2005 Southeast Butler constructed, Newton to Marshalltown transmission main constructed, Garden City project constructed
2004 Southern Butler completed, Rock Creek and Lincoln wastewater projects
2003 Construction begins on Southern Butler County project
2002 Northwest Black Hawk County project constructed, Southern Hardin and Hamilton project constructed
2001 Northern Grundy project completed, Pine Lake wastewater system constructed, Rustic Ridges wastewater constructed
2000 Construction begins on Northern Grundy project, Harvester wastewater constructed
2000 CIWA's name changed to Iowa Regional Utilities Association; however, the company continues doing business as Central Iowa Water Association, Harvester wastewater constructed
1999 Construction begins on Hardin/Butler County projects, Grundy County project completed
1998 Grundy Center office and shop established serving as northern territory construction headquarters
1997 Black Hawk County project constructed
1996 Wellsburg hydropillar, Collins hydropillar, and Newton Correctional Facility tower constructed
1994 Grundy County project begins
1994 Newton hydropillar constructed, Story County system completed
1991 McCallsburg tower constructed, Story County system construction begins
1990 Gladbrook water tower constructed, Northwest Tama County system completed
1989 Northwest Tama County system construction begins
1988 Name changed to Central Iowa Water Association, Northeast Polk County system completed
1987 Marshalltown Ottilie Seed Farm water tower constructed, Northeast Marshall County system completed, Northeast Polk County system construction begins
1986 Northeast Marshall County system construction begins
1985 State Center water tower constructed, Marshall/Story County system completed
1983 Marshall/Story County system construction begins
1981 Jasper County Water Association system completed, Sully water tower constructed
1980 Construction of the original “Jasper County Water Association” system begins, Prairie City, Baxter and Laurel water towers constructed
1977 Jasper County Water Association formed

Counties Served (all or portions of)

Black Hawk Bremer Buchanan
Butler Delaware Franklin
Grundy Hamilton Hardin
Jasper Mahaska Marion
Marshall Polk Poweshiek
Story Tama

Wastewater Services

Colo Business Park Diehls Acres Subdivision
Dows Grinnell IDOT Rest Areas
Grundy County Industrial Park Harvester Development
Haverhill Homesites Subdivision
Hunters Ridge Development Lakeview Heights Subdivision
Lincoln Morrison
Oakland Acres Park Hills
Pine Lake Area Pollard Development
Rock Creek State Park Rustic Ridges Development
St. Anthony Whitten

Bulk Purchase Meters

Beaman Clemons Collins
Garwin Gilman Grundy Center
Holland Laurel Le Grand
Liscomb Lynnville McCallsburg
Melbourne Mingo Monroe
Rhodes Sully Wellsburg

Emergency Connections

Albion Baxter Cambridge
Eldora Ferguson Gladbrook
Hazleton Janesville Lamont
Maxwell Poweshiek Water Association
Prairie City Roland State CenterStout

Individual Customer Meters

Aurora Austinville Bangor
Clyde Dillon Dunbar
Dundee Farrar Fernald
Galesburg Garden City Greeley
Green Mountain Haverhill Iowa Center
Ira Kesley Killduff
Lamoille Lincoln Marietta
Metz Morrison Newburg
Oakland Acres Otley Park Hills
Quarry Quasqueton Reasnor
St. Anthony Valeria Van Cleve
Vandalia Voorhies Whitten

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